TANDEMcity Features

TANDEMcity offers you multiple, state-of-the-art, easy to use tools to help you practice foreign languages. You don’t need to install any software to use the TANDEMcity community; all you need is an Internet browser.

Become a member

In order to be able to use all the TANDEMcity tools, you need to be a member. To become a member takes only a few moments; you just need to click on Register and fill in the form. Once you've created your profile, you can start searching for your language exchange partner and making the best of all of the TANDEMcity tools.

Search for your TANDEM Partner

Find the language partners you have always wanted. With the Members Search Tool you have access to any member’s profile matching your search criteria, such as the language you are learning, your mother tongue (e.g. the language your potential TANDEM partner is learning), country, and age.
The TANDEMcity database is kept updated, and inactive and invalid members are regularly tracked and removed from the community.

Personal Mailbox for Private Messages

You can send and receive Private Messages to and from any members of the TANDEMcity community. This is a great way of practicing your reading and writing skills. Your e-Mail address is not used in Private Messages, so it is protected and is never visible to anyone, except you. Also, your mailbox is personal, only you can see its content.

Send e-Mails to TANDEMcity Members

Through the TANDEMcity Community, you can contact other members via e-Mail. Your e-Mail address is protected when it goes through TANDEMcity on this first contact, the same as the e-Mail of the member you are writing to. When an e-Mail coming from TANDEMcity is answered, then the receiver is able to see the e-Mail address.

Live Communication

TANDEMcity Chat: Practice languages online with other TANDEMcity members in the city Chat, a fun and useful tool. You can have multiple chat windows simultaneously, you can chat in public chat rooms of your language exchange group, and you can call a member and open a private chat room. If there is nobody in the chat when you enter, you can always practice with TANDEMcity’s chatbot.
Skype: You can also enhance your speaking and listening skills in the language you are learning by holding conversations with your TANDEM partners via Skype.

News and Forums

Find relevant language exchange and language learning news and articles at the TANDEMcity News Section, or participate in language exchange related forums, find out and discuss anything about learning languages, ask other members questions about learning methods, grammar, culture and more...

Language Resources

At TANDEMcity you can find language resources such as dictionaries, books, videos, podcasts, etc.